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2nd Wine: Main Divide Riesling

  • This wine is named in honour of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, known locally as the Main Divide, which lies to the west of the Waipara region.
  • Main Divide’s aim is to produce wines which reflect the unspoilt freshness, purity, vigour and cool climate of the south, while retaining in each its individual regional and varietal character.
  • A handful of selected South Island vineyards have been chosen because of their unique situations or terroir and the quality of their grapes.
  • Main Divide’s intention is to work with the growers of these vineyards throughout the season to obtain quality fruit, all of which is then hand-crafted into wine by the Donaldson Family at their Waipara winery.
  • The moist climate here often encourages botrytis, and a small portion of botrytized grapes have been included in this Riesling to provide a hint of nutty richness to the core of citrus and stone fruit flavours.
  • Botrytize or noble rot as most of you will know is used in the production of desert, sweet wines.
  • An intriguing twist, yet one that perfectly suits the off-dry, Alsace-influenced style.
  • After picking, the grapes were pressed and the juice allowed to settle overnight.
  • The clarified portion was then slowly fermented at cool temperatures to help the wine conserve its pure zesty aromas and flavours.
  • As soon as fermentation ceased, the wine was removed from its yeast deposit (lees) to preserve its purity and elegance.
  • It was handled very carefully prior to bottling to help it retain some natural carbon dioxide from the fermentation, thus giving the wine a little spritzig and freshness.
  • A little bit like shaking a fizzy drink it may sparkle initially but the drink will quickly lose its’ fizz.
  • Tasting note: Delicate star-bright, lemon hue.  Its bouquet and flavour suggests limes, lemons, white peaches and nectarines.  There is also an underlying hint of tropical spices and lychees.  It has good fruit concentration and fullness in the mouth, but it remains elegant.  It has a core of minerality and crisp acidity which flows through the wine and draws out the finish.
  • The Main Divide website also has a note on its website which states, “Wine is a natural health food”.
  • I like that!
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