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5th Wine: Catapla Pinot Noir

  • A picturesque estate lined with trees, cacti and the local shrubs.
  • Catapla is owned and run by French couple John and Chantal Du Monceau, along with winemaker Philippe Caraguel, formerly a wine maker of Moët & Chandon.
  • Bodega Atamisque’s construction began in 2006 and the first harvest was performed in 2007.
  • From the very beginning, the respect for the nature has been emphasised. The winery’s surroundings have remained intact with their natural flora.
  • This also includes the catalpa tree that grows in the estate and gives its name to the Premium range of wines.
  • The name Catapla derives from the Catawba Native American name for these trees.
  • They were used for making tribal totem poles.
  • You can tell that I was short on information about this wine therefore my research veered off onto the tree.
  • Oldest tree is believed to be 150 years old in Rochester.
  • Quote: “Like a strange and faithful pet, Rochester’s Catalpa tree forever heels at the foot of England’s second oldest Cathedral, Rochester.”
  • However there is a split in the trunk and it is due to be cut down although there is a campaign going on to protect it.
  • Back to the wine.
  • Aged 12 months on new French oak; Ageing potential – 8 years
  • Aromas of raspberries and currant jam, with a touch of caramel from brief ageing in new French oak. Elegant on the palate, with more red fruit and well-judged tannins.
  • Try with rabbit, game birds and cured meat.
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