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Wine 2: Carnard-Duchene Charles VII Le Victorieux N.V.

  • 1860 Victor Canard, a cooper, and Léonie Duchêne, from a family of winemakers met and fell in love. Ahh!!!
  • They got married, and started to make their own champagne.
  • Success came quickly, so they then decided to set up their own Champagne house. They joined their names together, in the true Champagne tradition, and Canard-Duchêne was born.
  • In 1890, their son, Edmond Canard took over. He was young, bold and loved champagne.
  • Under his guidance, Canard-Duchêne became an international Champagne.
  • They supplied to the court of Tsar Nicholas II.
  • That relationship has left its mark: from then on, the Canard Duchêne coat of arms has borne the two-headed eagle, emblem of the Russian Imperial Family.
  • Another symbol was added later. The sabre, in memory of a tradition which is intimately linked with champagne.
  • This Champagne was created to mark the house’s centenary celebration.
  • It also pays homage to Charles VII.
  • In 1429 when fate was condemning the kingdom to submission, Joan of Arc led Charles to Reims Cathedral to be crowned.
  • Having put an end to the One Hundred Years War, Charles VII established the sovereignty of the crown. He was celebrated as Charles VII Le Victorieux (the Victorious).
  • Canard Duchêne has long been established as one of the major Champagne houses.
  • A bottle is opened every 10 seconds in France making it the most popular Champagne sipped in France.
  • From the very beginning, the concept of the Grande Cuvée Charles VII has remained unchanged: a selection from among Champagne’s most prestigious crus.
  • Tasting Note: In this complex, fine and elegant champagne, white fruit aromas and subtle mineral notes are expressed. It provides a perfect balance between ripeness and freshness and between the bouquet dominated by Chardonnay and the palate, marked by the Pinot Noir.
  • Charles VII Le Victorieux triumphantly introduces the aperitif Champagne. A great way to start the Christmas festival.
  • It also would go fabulous for a fish course, such as salmon.
  • It is worth mentioning that the Canard-Duchene standard N.V. which is also very good is Majestics big discount Champagne this Christmas at just £15.
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